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Welcome to HavenDOCK

Who are we?

HavenDOCK is the collaboration between Colin Lambert & Sheila Gibbons . We bring together a range of contrasting, yet complimentary skills, from business, the leisure industry and life itself. A few of the labels which can apply to us are: wife, father, yoga teacher, ocean sailor, therapist and raw foody. With the life experiences of over 125 years between us we have a rich and extensive toolbox to call on with which to hold our clients who are embracing change and revitalisation.

What do we do?

The work we do with clients needs a sense of safe space and understanding hence 'haven', we support clients to land themselves and at times we are based on a boat hence 'dock'. We create a haven in our dock whether that is on land or at sea. Together we facilitate your revitalisation with new awareness's for a healthier lifestyle, looking at and seeking to understand the patterns and habits which limit you and introducing tools for change.

Throughout the year clients are seen in spaces which have walls, solid or canvas at our land base, festivals or workshops. The summer months we set up camp at several UK festivals, mostly those of a more conscious nature where yoga meets life often without alcohol. Here in our beautiful canvas bell tent with a striking purple awning we offer therapies and workshops in the event programme.

At other times we take you away from your 'normal' comfort zone by getting you off land, onto water and out to sea on our yacht Frangi .

We are literally in this haven together.

How do we work?

Our philosophy is that of being fully human with each other, caring, kindness and love (even if at times its tough love!)

This prayer from Mother Teresa sums it up for us.