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Frangi is Launching

Frangi is Launching

Frangi was the doyenne and flagship of Devon Sailing when it operated as a sailing school in the 2000s. Colin Lambert and Yacht Frangi had enjoyed many adventures together. They had crossed the Atlantic, sailed round Britain, as well as taught many explorers how to sail in Devon’s beautiful River Dart. There came a time when Devon Sailing was shut down, the boats were sold and Colin moved to rural Dorset. The bond, however, was too strong and one 50ft Rassey; Frangi, managed to be secreted away to St Katherine Docks where she resided on a permanent berth becoming Colin’s London base. A haven away from the hustle of the City.

Sheila Gibbons having escaped from a stressful business world had managed in recent years to live through yoga, dance, spirituality and diet. She travelled extensively studying in the arts of yoga, fasting and de-tox, then took a diploma as a nutritional therapist. Dancing through her new found free, wholesome life she met Colin.

There was one last business adventure they both had in them.

Frangi really had to contribute in her upkeep or be sold. Colin’s life was permanently based in Dorset now. He was mentoring, mediating and immersing himself in the small town community, writing for the local magazine and hosting a weekly radio show. Sheila radiated wholeness and the rich essence of being alive, she was running workshops, singing, and teaching raw food. The combination was intense.

From a flicker of a cast aside conversation came the spark of an idea. A plan ignited in them both; a desire to help, give and release their freedom. By pooling knowledge and resources and mixing them with enthusiasm and verve Havendock was born. Colin’s Haven, combined with Sheila’s zest for life and natural living turned into a place of serenity, calm and new business. Workshops began taking place aboard Frangi, followed by dance camps and yoga in Sherborne and Richmond. Lulu the Campervan joined the party, taking yoga, tantra and empowerment to festivals and beyond.

But, Frangi had history behind her and needed to stretch her sails at least one more time. Sailfrangi erupted from the depths and the maiden detox voyage was undertaken. Learning as they went, a crew was hastily assembled to sail the yacht down the Thames, around past Weymouth to a welcome fit for any returning warrior in Dartmouth. Frangi was home.

Robbie Osborne had spent 10 years maintaining and skippering Frangi in the days of Devon Sailing. Fatherhood had brought him back to Dartmouth after a life of yachting adventures to places most of us can only dream about. Fate, Destiny Karma, call it what you will, the re-union was powerful and productive.

That left one position to be filled. Fran Hill had worked for Colin in recent years as his PA and happy to take on a fresh challenge will be shore based. Years of running her own secretarial company and a Devon girl at heart Fran is as excited about the adventure as any of the sea going crew. She will be the first point of contact and deal with bookings. Follow her as she keeps social media filled with snippets of the adventures, be they land based festivals or sea based sailing. @havendock for twitter and facebook, Havendock1 for Instagram.

Sailfrangi is no longer a pipedream; it is launching.

Added: 10th July 2017