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Welcome to Sail Frangi 'Dare to Dream Adventures'

Sail Frangi 'Dare to Dream Adventures' are held, onboard yacht Frangi, a 50ft Hallberg Rassy sloop. You eat, sleep, sail and take full part in the day to day running of the boat.

Our professional Yachtmaster Ocean skipper and first mate will take you to sea for between 3 - 42 days, teaching you how to sail from the basics through to meeting the weather of the day. You will face personal and group challenges which surface in this environment and detox from the day to day stresses of life.

From the moment you step onboard Frangi we take you into a different energy. A world free from mobile phones, alcohol, meat protein and nicotine or other recreational drugs. We release you from the routine of everyday life that requires us to run faster and faster to just stand still. Our adventures remove these stresses and re-programme your systems. We aim to realign, revitalise and energise, awaken your inner compass and maybe change direction to follow your dreams. Become alive; feel spaciousness, freedom and connection to the elements, Frangi surfing down 50ft swell is a moment to be savoured. During your time onboard we will guide you through your changes and empower you to feel, dream and become whole again.

If you feel stressed, want to breathe again, have ever wanted to sail or you have blue water sailing as a bucket list item then please join us, we would love to be part of your adventure.

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