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Tailored Programmes

Level 1: 7 / 14 Day Life Purpose Adventures

We refrain from: alcohol, tobacco products, animal protein and mobile phone/internet and almost no refined sugars.

Level 2: Habits Change in 21 Days Adventure

12 days at Level 1, we then remove; caffeine, chocolate, fish protein, pasta & rice with 3 days when solid foods are off limits; this will rest your digestion completely, for the fittest team members it could be water only, for the rest of us it will be a fruit and veggie smoothie and juice diet. No chocolate, not even raw! The last 6 days will be a gentle reintroduction of solid foods as we re-educate your system into healthier ways of eating.

Level 3: Hardcore Weekend

Choose your own level from above but we sail non-stop (Frangi is a coded heavy weather vessel) between London and Weymouth or the reverse. Leave Friday arrive Sunday.

As the Nike strap-line goes; Just do it