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Dare to Dream Programme - Who am I? Am I happy?

Here you will find details of all of our upcoming Who am I? Am I happy? themed 'Dare to Dream Adventures'; please check back regularly for additional dates or click here for all dates.

Have you ever wondered “Who am I?” This can be answered in several ways; for those of us with strong spiritual or religious beliefs, there is guidance. But for those of us without faith, or those who are uncertain about our being, the question becomes: “Given that I am alive, what do I want from life?” Often the vague response comes that “I want to be happy, doesn’t everybody?” Seems not! We have the choice of living in a state of happiness or unhappiness, we all have free will although many of us live a life which is less than happy or fulfilled even if seemingly successful. We each have to find our own path, getting clear on where we are, our motivations, goals, aspirations and all that goes with that. It’s an exciting or daunting time, as you realise just how much you have to learn and unlearn in order to move forward into a world of awareness! Our weekend uses meditation, questioning, discovery and sharing to bring a new awareness to just “Who am I?” No experience necessary, simply a willingness to be open.

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All clients must be 18 years or over